Tara W. - Illinois, USA

Homemade fresh baked pretzels
Homemade grilled knockwurst
Homemade bread
Softened butter
Cheese board
Home brew beer cheese
German potato salad
Snack mix
German chocolate cake
Apple fritters.
Keg of home brewed Märzen style beer! And lots of Hamm's.
"Oktoberfeast Games" - a competition consisting of several drinking games including Oktoberfest trivia, boat races and stein holding. Winner received a trophy and a cash prize! Bags (or Cornhole.) Photobooth props for pictures!

My boyfriend and I were determined to throw an Oktoberfest party from scratch. We made sausages and pretzels for the first time. We brewed a beer just for the party! Our goal is to make this an annual event!

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Jill T. - North Carolina, USA

Homemade Rouladen
Neurenberg wurst
Curry Wurst
Red Cabbage
Hot Pretzels
Apple strudel
Black Forest Trifle
Spaten Oktoberfest
Warsteiner Oktoberfest
Spaten Optimator
Kolsch White Street Brewery, Wake Forest
Root beer
We were supposed to have cornhole and other outdoor games but the backyard was still a little swampy.

Our 1st ever Oktoberfest party was scheduled on October 8, the very day Hurricane Matthew brushed by North Carolina. We set up or bier garten under a canopy inside the garage and were determined to have it. When the severe flooding advisory was given we had to send out notice to our guests to cancel the event. My family of 4 had a tasting party and everything was fantastic! Oktoberfest Take Two went off without a hitch the next day with beautiful fall weather and about a dozen guests in attendance. We kept the bier garten up in the garage for our guests to sample beers in ice cold mugs and snack on hot baked pretzels. ( Some of our guests brought their own mugs from Oktoberfest Munich!) Inside, the food was served to many groans of pleasure. I think we may have many more nights of leftover German food. We are already planning for next year.

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Jane A. - Georgia, USA

We start with appetizers of homemade soft pretzels with mustard, Lil Smokies (a favorite! I make about 100) meatballs, and cheese/nuts/grapes. Dinner always includes Brats with sauerkraut and all the trimmings. The sides vary from year to year: German potato salad, Nudelauflauf, roasted potatoes & carrots with bacon, gherkins, asparagus, cucumber salad, "krautsalat"/coleslaw. Dessert might be lebkuchenherzen, "German" chocolate cake (not really German but who cares?) Black Forrest cake, or apple cake. I send guests home with a treat bag of chocolate covered pretzels.
We serve a variety of German and domestic beers and wines, Bavarian Blue Jello shooters and of course non-alcoholic choices. With dessert, I serve Riesling and hot apple cider.
We have a humorous, low-brow beer tasting and play a variety of games: hammerschlaggen, beer mug relays, stick pony "horse races," etc. My husband made an "alphorn" out of PVC pipe which he attempts to play for our guests! After dessert, my talented daughter sings for our guests. This year I've made a variety of costumes for race participants to wear that represent characters from German history & literature. We plan to incorporate a brat eating contest this year

This year was our 6th annual Oktoberfest. Each year it grows to include more friends. Last year we had about 45. My husband & I set up big tents and decorate to look like a biergarten. I sew "cheaterhosen" from thrift store corduroy pants for our male guests and share from my personal collection of dirndls. I make all sorts of decorations and signage to set the mood. An outdoor sound system pumps traditional Oompah music around the yard. I hand out homemade CDs of traditional Oktoberfest music as party favors.

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Drew O. - South Carolina, USA

Beer mac and cheese
Beer cheese dip
Sauerkraut balls
German potato salad
German pizza
Beer brazed brisket
Bratwurst sandwich with beer brazed oinions and beer cheese
Bacon ranch beer cheese balls
Chocolate covered pretzels
Black forest trifle
German chocolate cupcakes
German frosted lemon sugar cookies
Cheese and crakers
Wasteiner Oktoberfest
Becks Oktoberfest
Spaten Oktoberfest
Erdringer Weisbeir
Erdinger Oktoberfest
Hacker Pschorr Weisse
Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest
Paulaner hefe
Konig pils
Beer pong
Giant connect 4
Giant jenga
Giant shut the box
Giant kerplunk
Giant checkers
Ring hook game
Photo booth

It's a great time to get together and have a blast while enjoying great German beer and awesome food!!!

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