Restaurant Review - Prost!


2566 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois, United States  

Overall: 95%
Entertainment: N/A

  • Pretzel and Obatzda
  • Aufschnitt und Kase
  • Strudel
  • Maultaschen
  • Frikadelle
  • Nurnberger Wurst
  • Thuringer Wurst
  • Kaesekrainer
  • Sheboygen Bratwurst
  • Weisswurst
  • Currywurst
  • Bratwurst
  • Knackwurst
  • Kaese Spatzle
  • Pan Roasted Trout
  • Grilled Pork Loin
  • Veal Schnitzel
  • Jaeger Schnitzel
  • Shortrib Saurbraten
  • Over 20 German Beers on Tap

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A buddy of mine had been telling me for a while about this great German bar in Chicago that I had to try but that it was currently closed. Not anymore! Prost reopened a few weeks ago. The space has greatly expanded and now has room for hundreds of people. The layout of the bar is an open beer hall with large tables and benches. This is a very similar layout to your traditional German beer halls. Unfortunately, I was there on a Tuesday night right when they opened so the place was pretty dead. I will be going back on a weekend to really get a feel for this place but I had to write up a quick review.

Prost! is easily accessible by walking or mass transit. It is located about a mile south of Wrigley Field near the intersection of Lincoln, Sheffield and Wrightwood. If you take the ‘L’ you can get off at the Brown Line Diversey stop or the Red/Brown Line Fullerton stop. Both are a one block walk to the bar. The bar is easily noticeable by the white sign you see above. Walking into the bar you will see all of the large tables spread throughout the room. The actual bar is at the back and there are a number of TV’s around so every seat can see what’s on. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. Since I was one of only a few people in there I spent a long time talking to the bartender and manager. They truly know their stuff and are as passionate about providing good, authentic German beer. Speaking of the beer there are over 20 German beers on tap including a number of Munich brews.

I started off with a Maß of Hofbräu Original and their giant pretzel. When I say giant, I mean giant. The hot pretzel is served to you on a wooden pizza peel and is roughly the size of a large pizza. It is accompanied with obatzda and spicy brown mustard. I knew what I was getting into when buying this massive pretzel but I do wish that I took some to go instead of eating the whole thing in one sitting. Since I did manage to finish it all I was unable to try any of the other food that looked delicious.

Needless to say I will be returning on a busier night and with an empty stomach as well as a few friends to help with the pretzel. From the pictures I have seen on their Facebook page the place looks like a blast when they are busy and I am looking forward to sitting at the big tables with my friends and meeting all of the strangers that are seated near us.

Reviewed By: Scott Rzepka