Beer Review - Becks Oktoberfest

Becks Oktoberfest

Brewed By: Brauerei Beck & Co.

Backyard Oktoberfest
Overall: 73%
Overall Score
Overall: 53.1%

Backyard Oktoberfest Review:
Poured a dark copper with a weak off white head that reduced to lacing rather quickly. The aroma was pleasant with the malty, bready smell. The taste was in my opinion lacking. There is very little flavor to the beer and it finishes dry and bitter. I was not impressed. The mouthfeel was decent with average carbonation. I wouldn't choose this on my own but then again wouldn't turn it down if it were up against Bud Light and Miller Lite.

Ouch! Beck's may bring shame to Germany with this beer. It looks like a good Oktoberfest beer but lacks all characteristics of malty, small hop spiced Oktoberfest beer. Maybe it's me but probably not.

This beer has a great look but is lacking in every aspect. It has a soapy taste to it. It is quite bitter compared to others but becomes more drinkable after a few drinks.

Eric Bramwell of White Pointer Brewery
Decent head retention - Good color - Decent lacing - Kind of soapy tasting - not much sweetness - just ok. Gets better with more but not that great.

Kristin Pittro
Bad beer, bad beer, bad beer. In order to drink a regular 12oz beer I would have to be really drunk.

Bremen, Germany

ABV: 5.0%