Best Oktoberfest Beers for 2012

As voted on by 14 tasters in the Backyard Oktoberfest beer tasting party. Below are the results of our tasting:

1Samuel Adams Octoberfest83.7%
2Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest79.2%
3Shiner Oktoberfest75.8%
4Spaten Oktoberfest74.7%
5Paulaner Oktoberfest73.6%
6Two Brothers Atom Smasher72.2%
7Capital Oktoberfest71.9%
8Boulvard Bob's '47 Oktoberfest70.1%
9Point Oktoberfest69.4%
10Great Lakes Oktoberefest69.2%
11Widmer Brother's Okto Festival68.6%
12Left Hand Oktoberfest67.3%
13Leinenkugels Oktoberfest66.9%
14Central Waters Oktoberfest66.3%
15Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest66.1%
16Warstiner Oktoberfest65.3%
17Lakefront Oktoberfest64.2%
18Magic Hat Hex Ourtoberfest63.8%
19Hofbräu Oktoberfest63.4%
20Hinterland Oktoberfest62.1%
21Victory Festbier57.9%
22Beck's Oktoberfest53.1%

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Backyard Oktoberfest 2012 Beer Tasting