Beer Review - Two Brothers Atom Smasher

Two Brothers Atom Smasher

Brewed By: Two Brothers Brewing Company

Backyard Oktoberfest
Overall: 61%
Overall Score
Overall: 72.2%

Backyard Oktoberfest Review:
Pours a dark amber with very little head. Not too much of a smell to it. This doesn't taste like your normal Oktoberfest beer. Maybe it is the oak aging. It isn't bad just not what you would probably expect. The mouthfeel is moderate carbonation but was drinkable.

Holy hops! Two Brothers put Oktoberfest on steroids. 7.7 ABV! There's a good conscience not to serve this beer in huge quantity. It's good with balance but just intense hops and smooth malt.

This beer has nice lacing and head with a slight cloudy appearance. There is a complex flavor to this compared to other Oktoberfest beers.

Eric Bramwell of White Pointer Brewery
Good head - Good lacing - A little more bitter than others - nice taste - copper color - much more flavor than others. A bit less drinkable if you're having a bunch.

Kristin Pittro
I really liked this beer. A little bitter but the beer has a lot of flavor.

Warrenville, Illinois, United States

ABV: 7.7%

2012 Oktoberfest Beers are Finally Hitting the Shelves

Today made for a better than usual Monday when I was grocery shopping and saw the first 2012 Oktoberfest beers on the shelves. Although not being from Germany, they were a pleasant sight to see and had to be purchased immediately. I'll have to check back in a few days to see if there are any more at my local liquor store.

The good news is I did not review either of these beers last year so I will have some homework to do in the upcoming days. Happy Monday everyone!